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Individual Client Services

At FMA, we understand that obtaining financial dignity and achieving your personal legacy is a life-long journey. A financial plan is a point in time, whereas wealth management is an on-going process. We can assist you reach these milestones with personalized value-added services and strategies. 

Financial Planning Services

The advisors at FMA develop, where appropriate, a comprehensive financial plan for each individual client and key employees of a business..The areas we analyze and cover in the plan are:

  • Preparation of federal and state income tax projections 
  • Development of investment strategies, including tax-sensitive strategies and portfolio diversification 
  • College Education Funding alternatives 
  • Retirement Planning, including accumulation and distribution options 
  • Estate and Gift tax reduction analysis and philanthropic decision-making 
  • Trust services through independent trust companies, where applicable 
  • Risk management, asset protection and capital needs analysis, including analysis of all insurance coverage 
  • Retirement plan compliance, where applicable 
  • Survivor needs analysis 
  • Business planning, where applicable 

Included in the financial planning process, the advisors at FMA provide specific recommendations and will assist in their implementation. .

Specializing in Retirement Income Distribution Planning

FMA offers a host of individual and Employer retirement planning services. We assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate tax-deferred or tax-advantaged plans. More advanced retirement strategies can be designed on a case-by-case basis. 

We assist our clients in building diversified portfolios, within their retirement plans, designed to help sustain their current life-style at retirement. We evaluate client assets in light of their financial goals to determine reasonable retirement timelines based on current saving levels. Our services include optimizing which assets should be used first and protect assets from inflation and taxes. 

If you're nearing or at retirement, it's time to change the way you measure success in your portfolio and individual investments. You will need to preserve what you have accumulated. . 

During your earning years, you have focused on accumulation and growth of your money. You earned money from your job or business to pay for your current living expenses. You set some aside for emergencies and for future needs like college and retirement. Your goal has been to accumulate as much as possible by earning it and investing it. You could take greater risks to do that, because you had time to earn and grow more money to cover losses. 

After retirement, you typically no longer have money earned from your job or business to pay for your living expenses. You need safety and liquidity to ensure available funds for day-to-day costs of living along with growth to help ensure your funds last your lifetime. The growth-oriented portfolio structure of your earning years may no longer apply, and you may have to change the way you evaluate your portfolio's performance. 

A retirement income distribution plan focuses less on accumulating wealth and more on making it last through retirement, taking into consideration all income streams (i.e. Social Security, wages, pensions, investment income, annuity income), assets, inflation risk, investment risk and tax exposure. Generally, a retirement income distribution model will allocate a larger portion of assets to fixed income and income segments, followed by growth and income, growth, aggressive growth and most aggressive segments in progressively lesser percentages. Numerous variables can come into play, so each factor must be evaluated based on your individual situation. 

Creating a retirement income distribution plan can be complex and requires a understanding of not only investment strategies and their associated risks, it requires a thorough understanding of the goals, objectives and needs of you and your family in retirement. We can help you create the opportunity for your family to retire with financial dignity To get a better understanding of how a proper income distribution plan can help you retire with financial dignity click on the Next Phase Banner..

Call our office toll-free at 866-985-9556 to discuss why it might be time to create your retirement income distribution plan for the Next Phase Of Your Life..

FMA also assists businesses with their retirement plans. 

Personal and Financing Options 

FMA also assists our clients in obtaining various financing options such as, home loans, refinancing, and commercial loans, where appropriate. FMA has arrangements with lender/brokers that can assist you in your search for financing.. 

Investment Advisory Services 

The advisors at FMA offer investment advisory services to our clients. Investment portfolios are allocated across various asset classifications using wealth management principles. Portfolios are designed to match each client’s goals, risk and volatility tolerance and time horizons. Each Client completes a risk questionnaire to assist in determining the amount of risk and volatility they want to assume in designing their investment portfolio. Portfolios are designed for long-term objectives and consistent performance. .

Estate Planning 

Many people believe estate-planning strategies are something you don’t really begin to seriously consider until you retire. Unfortunately, this delays a very important financial decision, and may leave your family in dire financial and legal straits. 

FMA assists our clients with their estate planning needs. We will review existing documents including retirement plans, life insurance and annuity policies, trusts, beneficiary designations and investment account registrations to determine proper drafting. If done incorrectly, this could nullify the best estate-planning document and make it obsolete. Properly drafted estate plans allows for the correct and tax-efficient transfer of assets to family members and charitable entities. 

FMA has arrangements with several law firms to assist our clients in creating a proper personal legacy and asset transfer. Estate documents in this service include, but is not limited to: 

  • Revocable Living Trusts 
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts 
  • Durable General Powers of Attorney 
  • Health Care Powers of Attorney 
  • Wills 
  • Family Foundations 
  • Family Limited Partnerships 
  • Charitable Trusts 

More complex document preparation and planning is available based on each client’s situation. 

Family Scholarship Plan 

The cost of a college education will likely continue to rise. It is important to save money to pay for higher education. One such plan is the 529 College Funding Program, which offers many advantages that are unavailable in other higher education savings plans. FMA assists clients in evaluating the best college-funding program based on their specific situation. 

Philanthropy and Charitable Giving-Establishing a Personal Legacy 

If you are enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and have provided for your family, you are in an enviable place in your life. You may now be in a position to make a positive impact on the lives of others in your community. 

Charitable and philanthropic giving is a great way to help those less fortunate than you. You can accomplish effective giving by creating a charitable trust or family foundation. 

Individuals who benefit most from charitable gifting need a means of effectively managing their income and estate tax positions. As a result, charitable gifting makes sense for more than just the charitably minded. Executives who are exercising substantial stock options each year and others may need current income tax deductions or tax planning solutions. 

Contributions to charity need not be limited to traditional assets such as cash, publicly traded securities or mutual funds shares. On a case-by-case basis, gifts of privately held securities, restricted stock, art and real estate may be accepted, or establishing a donor advised mutual fund. 

FMA can assist you in the proper charitable gifting design that best suits your financial situation. FMA can also assist existing charitable organizations, endowments and foundations to properly diversify charitable donations received by them to reduce risk and volatility in their investment portfolios. Estate planning strategies can also be provided to the donors to these organizations. 

Tax Planning, Preparation and Representation 

We are unique , as advisors and enrolled agents, in that we can provide our clients with tax advice as to the tax ramifications based on the investments  developed for each client

Tax planning, preparation and representation are integral to our client services. We calculate retirement withdrawals and structure tax efficient portfolios. FMA offers the following income and business tax preparation, planning and representation services to our clients: 

  • Personal federal, State and multi-state, and Business tax preparation 
  • Calculation of federal and State estimated quarterly income tax payments 
  • Securities cost (tax) basis calculations 
  • Audit representation, collection and appeals before the Internal Revenue Service 
  • Tax planning strategies