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Addressing the financial concerns of women

Women account for 51% of the U.S. population and influence 70%-80% of all consumer purchasing, and buying. Even more important, 96% of women are sharing in or are primarely in charge of financial decisions; and 80% are more educated than their spouse. A woman's ability to retire with financial dignity is impacted by the many roles they assume. One of the biggest roles they assume, for example, is that of a caregiver which impacts the number-of hours they work, Social Security benefits, earnings and retirement contributions,(New York Life Insurance,"What Women Want", March, 21,2018)

Russel Investments, in a 2016 study, found four (4) major concerns for women:

  1. Having sufficient income in retirement
  2. Health Care Costs
  3. Long Term Care
  4. Maintaining Their Current Life Style

At FMA we recognize that advising women requires understanding their goals, needs, family, interests, and financial objectives. We take great care to listen, understand and implement their financial priorities. We know that these concerns are different for Professional, Business and Women in Transition.

FMA has developed a workshop series that is tailored specifically to addressing the above concerns of women. Our audience includes women who are just starting their careers, seasoned business professionals, nonprofit workers, business owners, primary caretakers, or individuals in a transitional phase. Our workshop series consists of six distinct educational events. We often invite outside experts to address specific technical areas, and we encourage invited guests to bring a friend, relative, or coworker. All are welcome, and the program is 100% educational, with no sales orientation or pressure to schedule a consultation.

The six workshop areas cover the following:

  1. A broad overview of the issues that could affect a woman’s financial future
  2. A discussion about health care in retirement that introduces funding mechanisms, Medicare, and the overall health-related programs women should be looking at
  3. A workshop on legacy and estate planning. Whether a woman has a spouse or partner, or not, she should be considering how her financial assets or job-related death benefits can be properly distributed according to her desires.
  4. A presentation on Social Security that examines the often-confusing array of claiming strategies and where Social Security will play a role in retirement planning.
  5. A discussion about long-term care. Along with Social Security and Medicare, this is an area that is top-of-mind for women approaching retirement, and there are many options that need to be examined.
  6. How to identify and implement an Identity Theft and cyber security recovery plan.